Adult Services at GHS

Adult Medication Clinic

The Adult Medication Clinic provides a combination of services which include medication administration, medication review and evaluation, AIMS testing, psychiatric evaluation, and health screens.  Medication Clinic services are provided by psychiatrists and registered nurses.

The majority of individuals utilizing the Medication Clinic are also receiving services in other mental health, developmental disability, or substance use programs, either internally or from the network provider panel or other community resources.

OBRA Services provides screening for consumers who may be in need of mental health services prior to admission to a nursing facility. OBRA is a federally mandated program that ensures appropriate placement of individuals with a history of mental health treatment.

Assertive Community Treatment

The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program is designed to provide intensive outreach treatment to adults with serious mental illness so they may live independently and productively in their communities. ACT services use a multidisciplinary team approach and provide acute, active, and ongoing community-based treatment, assertive outreach, rehabilitation, and support. Crisis intervention, case management, community-based rehabilitation services, therapy, and help with housing, basic needs, and activities of daily living (ADL) are also provided.

Case Management

A case manager or supports coordinator is a staff person who helps write an individual's plan of service and makes sure the services in that plan are delivered. His or her role is to listen to a person’s goals and to help find the services and providers (inside and outside the local Community Mental Health services program) that will help individuals achieve their goals. The supports coordinator or case manager may also connect a person to resources in the community for employment, community living, education, public benefits, and recreational activities.

Supported/Integrated Employment Services provide initial and ongoing supports, services, and training (usually provided at the job site) to help adults who are eligible for mental health services find and keep paid employment in the community.

Transportation may be provided to and from a person’s home in order for him or her to take part in a non-medical, Medicaid covered service.

Respite Care Services provide short-term relief to the unpaid primary caregivers of people eligible for specialty services. Respite provides temporary alternative care, either in the family home or in another community setting chosen by the family.

Clubhouse Services

Clubhouse Services are programs where members (consumers) and staff work side by side to operate the clubhouse and encourage participation in the greater community. Clubhouse programs focus on fostering recovery, competency, and social supports, as well as vocational skills and opportunities.

Consultative Services

Consultative Services, which include nursing, dietary, psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy, are open to all populations served by GHS. Eligibility for Consultative Services is based on medical necessity.

The purpose of Consultative Services is to inform, assist, and educate consumers, caregivers, and their families to plan their care and treatment in order to achieve greater independence. The consultant's role is to assess and make recommendations based on an individual's physical, behavioral, and mental health needs in order to meet and maintain an optimal level of health and safety.

Day Program Services

Day Program Services help consumers live a full life in the community. Staff will help consumers and their families set goals that put the consumer's needs and interests first. These programs can help provide eligible consumers with paid and non-paid work.

Housing Services

Community Housing services offers assistance with short-term, transitional, or one-time-only expenses in a qualified individual's own home that his or her resources and other community resources will not cover.