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Below you will find a listing of Helpful Tips for Life available for download. They are divided into four categories based on life stage: Lifeworks, Teen Turning Points, Parent Talk, and Prime Time.

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Beat the Holiday BluesInformation about how to avoid the holiday blues.
CodependencySigns of codependency and help with breaking the cycle.
Easy ListeningInformation and tips for communicating and listening.
Family ViolenceWhat family violence is, the cycle of violence, who it affects, contributing factors and where to get help.
Finding Hope Beyond GriefHow to deal with the loss of a relative or friend.
Gender DysphoriaInformation about Gender Dysphoria and how to how to support those that experience it
Good NightInformation on getting a better night's sleep.
GriefHelp those close to you cope with grief.
Helping to Survive a LossThings you can do to help the grieving process go more smoothly for those closest to the deceased.
Instant Stress RelieversTips on how to deal with and reduce everyday stress.
Overcoming DepressionCauses, signs, and types of depression; how to get help.
Pathways to Self-EsteemAbout self-esteem and ways you can raise yours.
Peacefully Resolving ConflictLearn how to resolve a conflict peacefully
Practicing MindfulnessWith technology and media at our fingertips at all times, jam-packed schedules, long to-do lists, and worried thoughts about all of life’s pressures, it’s no wonder that some researchers say American stress is at an all-time high.
S.O.S. - Signs of StressInformation on stress and the physical, emotional, mental and behavioral symptoms it can cause
The Art of Stress Reduction100 ways to help you cope with stress
What Is Good Mental Health - TeensFor teens, what makes good mental health and what to do if you need help
What Is Good Mental Health?What makes good mental health and what to do if you need help
What's Your Conflict and Communication Style?How to handle conflict and communicate
Winter BluesHow to break the winter blues
You Are Not AloneHelp with withdrawal and loneliness and how to change your attitude
Teen Turning Points
Adolescence and IndependenceTips for independence and getting help for young adults.
Assisting Teens with Healthy GrievingHelp with assiting grieving teenagers.
Effects of Underage DrinkingWhat underage drinking does to adolescents and how to avoid it.
Gang-Related ViolenceWhat gang violence is, types of violence, dangers, how to protect yourself, and where to get help
Healthy Dating RelationshipsInformation for teens on how to build healthy relationships.
Out of the BlueInformation about depression and teenagers.
Safe DatingInformation for teens about dating violence
Safe Online DatingHow to be safe while online dating
Team Up With Self-esteemInformation on self-esteem including how to boost yours and how to get help
Teen Peer PressureAbout peer pressure and help with making good judgement
Teen ViolenceDealing with anger, what to do if caught in a violent situation and how to work thing out
Teen-Parent CommunicationTips on how to talk and listen to your teen
Teens and Prescription Drug MisuseInformation on the dangerousness of misusing prescription drugs and how to prevent misusing them
Which Way to GoMaking decisions, thinking before you act and getting help
You've Got Peer PowerUse peer power to make good choices and deal with peer pressure
Healthy Living
Stress and DietThere is a strong connection between mood, food and healthy eating.
Substance Use Recovery
Counterfeit Pills and Risk of FentanylThe risk of using counterfeit drugs and what to do if you encounter them
Misuse of Amphetamines 
Opioid Crisis: Impact of COVID-19The pandemic’s impact on the opioid crisis has led to more than 81,000 drug overdose deaths...
Parent Talk
10 Stress BustersTry these steps to lessen stress in your family.
About Child AbuseInformation about child abuse including what it is, contributing factors and where to get help.
Before Friendships Can FormInformation about helping children form friendships.
Being a Single ParentInformation and helpful tips on being a single parent.
Build a Strong StepfamilyInformation on building a strong stepfamily
Building Emotionally Healthy FamiliesInformation and tips on building emotionally healthy families.
Childhood TraumaWe’d like to think that incidents of childhood trauma happen infrequently and the effects pass quickly. Sadly, that’s often not the case.
Children Who Witness ViolenceInformation for parents who deal with children who witness violence
Confidence Building Blocks for ChildrenInformation for parents on confidence building for children
Coping with BulliesInformation for parents to help children cope with bullying
Dealing With DifferencesInformation for parents to help children deal with differences in people.
Dealing with DisciplineInformation on child discipline for parents
Families Facing LossInformation for parents to help children face different types of loss.
Getting Along at HomeInformation for parents on how to get along at home.
Helping Children Recover from LossInformation to assist parents in helping a child through a crisis.
Helping Kids Cope with GriefA listing of several myths commonly associated with grief in children
Kids and DivorceInformation on how to help kids cope with divorce.
Neighborhood ViolenceInformation about neighborhood violence including the effects of it and how to protect your family
Parents and Teachers can Raise Self-esteemHelp raise a child's self-esteem and handle discipline
Protecting Students from ViolenceStrategies on how to protect a student from violence and where to get help
Stress and Your ChildKnow about stress and how it affects your children including behavioral and physical signs
The Angry ChildAbout anger in children and how to help an angry child
When Unemployment Hits HomeHow to handle unemployment with your family and how to get help
Working MomsBalancing a demanding career with raising a family
Young Children Emotionally Hurt by ViolenceHow violence affects young children and infants and what to do if your child is affected
Your Time
About Elder AbuseInformation about elder abuse including what it is, who it affects, why it occurs, types of abuse and how to cope.
Adjusting to AgingInformation on how to help your elderly relatives adjust to aging.
Growing OlderInformation and help with growing older
Meet the ChallengeHelp with meeting the challenge of being an effective caregiver for an elderly family member
Removing Guilt from CaregivingHelp with tending to the wishes of an elderly relative as a caregiver
Resolving Caregiver StressAssistance with dealing with the stress that comes with being a caregiver
Sandwiched in BetweenInformation on being a caregiver and a parent at the same time.
When Depression is More Than "The Blues"Causes of depression, warning signs, and how to get help
When Your Spouse DiesHow to help yourself with the loss of a spouse
‘Really nice health clinic on wheels’ debuts in FlintA new mobile mental health clinic is hitting the road this month in Flint. The vehicle purchased by Genesee Health System will continue to provide services out in the community, but with an even wider focus than a leased unit that is being retired.
3 keys to women’s health, plus 1 encouraging dieting tipA discussion of women's health services to support the whole person.
3 Myths About Underage Drinking: Why giving teens alcohol "backfires"If you supply alcohol to minors it actually increases their risk for continued drinking or addictive behavior
Do Flu Shots Really WorkIf you get the vaccine then the flu is not going to branch out and attack your internal organs
Doing this to your child is a crime - even for just 1 secondChildren should never be left alone inside a vehicle. Even with the windows cracked open, temperatures can reach dangerously high levels and cause heat-related injury or death.
Free screenings available for children exposed to lead during Flint water crisisGHS' new Neurodevelopmental Center of Excellence
Health clinic addresses ‘social ills that plague us all’A discussion about the social determinates of health
Many kids with mental health disorders go undiagnosedMore kids with mental health disorders end up in ER: Here’s how to buck trend
Signs it’s just too darn hot for your healthThe mercury never touched 90 degrees this June. And the long-range forecast projects that temperatures for the rest of the summer might actually be cooler than normal, on average.
To learn more about the NCE, see the article here.'My child is struggling in school!’ How to refer your child for free neuropsychological exam
What's in your medicine cabinet? Unused drugs could be deadlyUnused prescription drugs should be disposed of safely and properly to ensure that they don't get into the wrong hands. Find out how.
Woman with ‘invisible disease’ gets support from Healthy Aging serviceGHS' new Healthy Aging Program offers many supports