Family Support Subsidy

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The State of Michigan has a program to help families who care for their severely disabled children at home. The Family Support Subsidy is available to families with a child under 18 years of age who is in a special education program through their local school district or the Genesee Intermediate School District; school programs must meet state requirements.  The child must meet criteria for specific categories including: cognitive impairment with development at a rate of 4.5 or more standard deviations below the mean, severe multiple impairment or autism. The family must have a Michigan taxable income below $60,000 and the child must be living in the home. 

If they remain eligible and renew annually, a qualified family would receive $222.11 per month. This money can be utilized any way the family feels it will best meet their needs, including purchase of additional therapies, special equipment, special food, paper diapers, transportation costs, in-home specialized care, respite care, family counseling, support groups, general household expenses, family recreation, and home remodeling to provide for the special needs of the child. 


If you know of a family that might qualify for the Family Support Subsidy, please have them contact Rebekah Nagle at (810) 496-5107 to request that an informational brochure and application packet be sent to the family.  Any additional questions may also be directed to Rebekah Nagle.  ♦

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