Are Those Unsigned Documents Still Waiting For You?

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Our CHIP support line and the Help Desk receive a large assortment of questions from staff on a daily basis. In the process of tracking and resolving these problems, we take notice of any repeat questions or problems and try to develop long-lasting solutions for those situations.  One very common inquiry is in regard to unsigned documents still awaiting a signature after the responsible staff person either changes positions or leaves GHS.

The most troublesome of these unsigned documents are usually IPOS-related. Leaving these documents unsigned causes problems because they can prevent any additional IPOS documents from being created and signed. When these documents are left unsigned, the negative effects trickle down and affect everyone involved in the IPOS process.

Another type of complication can occur when somebody moves into a new job role. Because of the new requirements and responsibilities associated with the position, CHIP permissions are usually modified to meet these needs. When this happens, you might lose access to the client's chart with your (previously) unsigned documents.  Your new supervisor might start asking about those unsigned documents which are essentially stuck in your unsigned document list.

Finally, if a CHIP document is not fully signed it is not considered to be a legal, medical document, and the services associated with that document cannot be billed or reported to the state.

For those situations where the responsible staff person is unavailable to sign their documents, supervisors have the ability to change the staff responsible for the signature requirement by completing a Change Signed Document request and updating the electronic signature requirements.

It is important for staff to check their unsigned document list with some frequency, but it’s even more important that they do so before leaving their position.  Leaving behind unsigned documents can have a very large, negative impact on everyone.

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