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Make Sure Halloween is Stigma-Free

Oct 30, 2014 Posted by Keswick, Renee

Halloween is a time for ghosts, goblins and trick-or-treating.  But it’s important to remember that some Halloween costumes and related events can be offensive and hurtful to those in the mental health community.


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It’s Time We Remove the R-word and Continue in the Right Direction for Mental Health

Mar 21, 2014 Posted by Keswick, Renee

March is Developmental Disabilities Month. Michigan lawmakers are making positive strides to remove the terms "mentally retarded' and "mental retardation" from Michigan's laws.

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Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin... (and so does my documentation!)

Oct 22, 2013 Posted by

It's hard to get documentation done timely.  But it's necessary, for quality care and compliance.

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Family Support Subsidy

Sep 27, 2013 Posted by

Do you know a family with a severely disabled child living at home who could use some financial assistance?  If so, you should check into the state's Family Support Subsidy program. 

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Risk Recognition and Dutiful Response

Aug 27, 2013 Posted by Malin, Tracey

This article elaborates on the duty of care we have when our clients find themselves in situations of concern.

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Are Those Unsigned Documents Still Waiting For You?

May 23, 2013 Posted by

Unsigned CHIP documents can sometimes be difficult to manage, but how do those complications grow when you leave a document unsigned after changing positions?

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Health and Proxy Measures Matter

May 06, 2013 Posted by

The required health and proxy measures provide useful information.  Both QM and case managers can use them to help identify at-risk consumers and adapt services to meet their needs.

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Hooray, They Did it Right!

Jan 22, 2013 Posted by

When it comes to medical reporting and research, find out why the difference between "correlational" and "causal" matters. 

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Guidelines for Self Disclosure - To Tell or Not to Tell

Dec 21, 2012 Posted by

If you are a peer, a recovery coach, or other professional working with SUD clients, you'll want to read this. 

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Caring with Principle / Principles of Care

Sep 17, 2012 Posted by Cave, Phil

Learn about the concept referred to in Recovery Principle # 5 - "Care allows for reciprocity in relationships." 

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