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Please see below for any agency changes, changes in healthcare, as well as updates as it pertains to mental health, substance use disorder, and/or developmental and intellectual disabilities. 

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GHS is Here for You during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed our world in dramatic ways. We know that these changes create anxiety, stress and uncertainty. We want you to know that GHS is still here providing critically needed services to our community.

While GHS has undergone many changes during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we continue to offer needed services and ensure the safety of those receiving services and our staff.

Our main building (420 W. 5th Avenue) has always been the hub of the services we offer. Here you find our CEO and Administrative staff who oversee everything we do. Our Access Center is near the front door, to make it easy for people to come in for their mental health and substance use screenings for services and referrals. The Customer Service Department helps individuals navigate our system, helps solve problems, and is located right on first floor where they are very accessible.  Our doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners run our Medication Clinic on the second floor. Case Managers provide supports and day-to-day problem solving with individuals in services at GHS. The Training Department offers Mental Health First Aid training where many individuals from the community come to learn how to help others in times of crisis. In addition, right there on the first floor is Quest Diagnostics Lab and Genoa Pharmacy to ensure that many supportive services are within easy reach.

With all this going on in our main location, there are many people coming in and out every day. Normally we love our visitors and welcome them into our building. However, with the pandemic, we knew that we needed to observe social distancing to protect the community and our staff and immediately implemented screening for COVID19 symptoms at the door. To reduce the number of people in the building, we moved many services immediately to phone and telehealth.

GHS continues to offer services to our community. For those urgent mental health and substance use needs, our doors are open from 8am-1pm Monday – Friday. And we are available by phone: Our Crisis Line is still available 24 hours every day, 7 days a week by calling 810.257.3740 where trained mental health professionals help individuals at any time. Texting is available at any time by texting FLINT to 741741. Our friendly and helpful Customer Services staff is answering the phone from 8-5 Monday – Friday to continue to help individuals navigate our system, answer questions, and solve problems.

The Access Center is encouraging people to get their screening on the phone. Call them at 810.257.3740 between 8am-5pm on Monday – Friday to schedule a time. Our Medication Clinic continues to work with those individuals in services, and is setting up telehealth and other electronic means to ensure that individuals have their medications. Case Managers are keeping in contact and offering support through electronic means as well.

A few things have been put on hold while the state and nation are grappling with the Coronavirus. Our programs that require close contact have been closed until at least April 30th. These programs include our Community Integration Center (CIC) and our Legacy Center Clubhouse. Our programs for children with Autism and the Neurodevelopmental Center of Excellence are physically closed, but staff is still reaching out to families. Trainings to our community, speaker bureau scheduling, and attendance at community resource fairs is on hold until at least May 1st.

While these few things are put on hold, most services are still up and running. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The best place to start is by calling our Customer Service Department at 810.257.3705, Monday – Friday from 8am-5pm. We are here for YOU.

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