In this section you will find information only for GHS retirees who are eligible for Medicare. In addition to this information, there are two other pages: one for all retirees and one for retirees who are not eligible for Medicare.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please email us at or call 810-257-3736, ext. 4165.

Documents for Download
High Deductible Health Plan 2010 ConsiderationsAdditional Clarification for High Deductible Health Plan
Health Plus (Medicare Eligible) Benefit Summary
Blue Care Network Advantage (Medicare Eligible) Benefits-at-a-Glance
Retiree Letter (Medicare Eligible)Letter to Retirees - November 24, 2009
Blue Cross Advantage (Medicare Eligible)Medicare Plus Blue Group Summary of Benefits
Retiree MEMO - 2010 Health PlansUpdate Memo 12/7/09
Retiree Memo- 2010 Health Plans- Traditional Blue Cross Update Memo 12/7/09