GHS Policy Manual

The purpose of the Genesee Health System (GHS) Policy Manual is to assist in the provision of quality services through improved communication of federal, state and PIHP-level standards of care and business operation.

Each of the policies, procedures, and guidelines in this manual is included because the Mental Health Code, our contract(s) with the State of Michigan, or our CARF accreditations require it. During FY 06, most ‘clinical’ policies were re-worked as ‘practice guidelines’ in keeping with the vernacular used by state and federal authorities. A number of these were transferred from attachments to our contract with the State. Others were written in response to performance improvement initiatives.

It remains the PIHP’s responsibility to notify providers that a change/deletion/addition has occurred. We try to do this as quickly as the change comes to us from whatever the regulatory source. It is the provider's responsibility to download the document from the appropriate location and educate staff accordingly.

To see a listing of all policies by provider type, please refer to the GHS Table of Contents.

GHS Policies
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