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Stop Smoking Now!

Created 3/28/2012
by Brooks, Michael

Here are two truths:

  • People with mental illness are two to four times as likely to smoke as those without mental illness.
  • People with mental illnesses can successfully quit.

-From The Ask and Act Tobacco Cessation Program, www.aafp.org

As part of our continuing emphasis on mental and physical health, help is available to consumers who want to quit smoking.  Right here, through our Customer Services Department, we are offering a Stop Smoking Support Group.  This group occurs weekly, but the sad fact is that people are not taking advantage of this assistance.  If you know someone who receives services throughout the GCCMH network and they want to quit smoking, refer them to our group.  Also, check out the www.aafp.org website for some great resources. It's a start way to start to quit!


Stop Smoking Support Group

Sign up at Customer Services: 257-3705 or right here on our website