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If you have a mental health emergency, call our Crisis Line 24/7 at 810-257-3740.

If you would like to talk to someone about services (Targeted Case Management) for the expanded Medicaid benefit for Flint Water Crisis, call us at 810-257-3777 Monday - Friday from 8-5. This service assists with coordinating services for those affected by the Water Crisis. We can help you and your family find the services you need such as medical care, lead testing and risk assessments, educational programs, mental health care, benefit enrollment, nutrition and food support, transportation assistance, housing assistance, childcare, personal and family resistance coaching, and more.     

Interested in our Mobile Unit's schedule and where you can find it in the community? The schedule is listed to the right via our Facebook page. You can also follow our Facebook page for regular updates.

To see a video about the HELP Centers, click here. For a list of all HELP Centers and their hours, click here.   

For any other question, contact GHS' Customer Services Department at 810-257-3705

More resources are listed below.


Self-Paced Online Help

GHS has two online resources that can help with overcoming the trauma, stress and anxiety created by events such as the water crisis. was created by a psychological trauma expert, Dr. Charles Benight, and is part of the services offered by Genesee Health System. The site is produced by BlueSun, Inc., a behavioral health software company that has deployed this resource as part of community responses for similar incidents around the country. The site is completely confidential and free to use for interested area residents. is a is also free and confidential. Anxious or depressive thoughts can weigh us down. Some of us may struggle with drugs or alcohol. Seeking help and focusing on your mental health is important. MyStrength offers personalized resources to improve your mood. Learning to use myStrength's tools can help overcome the challenges of drug and alcohol abuse. To get an access code and instructions on how to sign up, click here.

GHS worked with several community partners to create a helpful video called "Prescription for Health." The video shares a lot of great information and resources. See the video by clicking here.



Other Resources

For information about how nutrition can help and what you can do, click here or here.


For helpful sheets on coping with depression and stress, click on the topics below:


For a website put together by the United Way of Genesee County and many community partners, go to


For locations of water pick-ups, filters and replacement filters, helpful information about lead, testing, nutrition and other things you can do along with current updates visit:


For information in multiple languages and ASL visit:,6092,7-345-76292_76364_76368---,00.html


For helpful information on lead and your health, dealing with stress, and the safe use of water, click here.


For a flyer with quick information, click here. For a great, easy to read, indepth booklet, click here.


Want to donate? Click here. If you want to volunteer or offer other help, click here.


Flyer - Flint Water Resources - May 24, 2017.