GHS LiveFit Employee Wellness Program


What is it?

GHS Employee Wellness Program

Dan Russell, CEO of GHS, is personally committed to our organization’s health and well-being, he is on a continued mission to empower this organization and its employees to try new things that focus on health and wellness. As a way to foster this empowerment, on February 1, 2013, GHS, in partnership with HealthPlus of Michigan, began offering a fun, comprehensive employee wellness program. The LiveFit Employee Wellness Program offers employees the opportunity to earn wellness credits for their health efforts with rewards for their participation.

Incentives: In order to begin the program and to be eligible for any of the incentives, employees must first complete the HealthQuest Profile (HQP), a health risk assessment found on the HealthPlus website  Each quarter, benefit eligible staff who participate earn 5 total wellness credits and receive $50 toward their Health Savings Account (HSA) or alternate $50 contribution for those benefit eligible staff without an agency HSA.  Additional incentives will be available, depending on specific activities and events.


Who is it for?

GHS employees, contractors and students can participate in the program, but only benefit eligible employees are eligible for the quarterly $50 incentive.

Who else is on the team?

The LiveFit Employee Wellness Program committee members include: Giovanna Adams, Francine Clark, Dexter Clarke, Lisa Coleman, Keith Pemberton, Amanda Fawcett, David Hunter, Marie Jones-Watts, Sheila Mason, Pat McLuckie, Geraldine, Roberts, Meghan Schmelzer, Lisa Shumpert, Neita Sudberry, Fatima Walker and Dan Russell – Ex officio.


Why does it work?

Employee Wellness Programs

Most adults spend more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else, making it a prime venue for promoting healthy behaviors. The workplace is crucial to improving the health of their employees. The worksite organizational culture and environment are powerful influences on behavior and can be harnessed as a means of assisting employees in the adoption of healthier lifestyles. There are many benefits to employee wellness programs for both employees and the employer.

Benefits for employees include:

·         Increased well-being, self-image, and self-esteem

·         Improved physical fitness

·         Weight reduction

·         Increased stamina

·         Lower levels of stress


Benefits for employers include:

·         Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees

·         Decreased rates of illness and injuries

·         Improved employee relations and moral

·         Reduced employee absenteeism

·         Increased productivity

·         Reduced healthcare costs





What's New?

Check back to this section periodically for new information, events, challenges, alternative ways to earn wellness credits, etc.

  Walking Maps

- Coldwater Parking Lot

- Farmers Market

- How will you walk the GHS mile today at CFS

- How will you walk GHS mile today

- Hurley Campus

- PSR Neighborhood

- PSR Neighborhood 2

- PSR Parking Lot

- Race to the Beach Challenge

- Walk the Block 420