Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets monthly, generally on the 4th Thursday of every month at 4:00 p.m.  Board meetings are open to the general public.  Committee meetings are also scheduled throughout the month. You may view the Calendar of Events under About Us for a list of meeting dates and times, or you may contact the Chief Executive Officer at (810) 257-3707 for a list of meeting dates.

Board Members
  • ADAMS, Pegge (Exp. 03-31-19) Family Member
  • BANKERT, Terry (Exp. 03-31-21) Family Member, Board Vice Chair
  • BERNARD, Jeff (Exp. 03-31-20) Consumer Representative
  • CLACK, Brenda (Exp. 03-31-19) General Public (County Commissioner)
  • COFFELL, Wayne (Exp. 03-31-21) Family Member
  • COLE, Wanda (Exp. 03-31-20) Consumer Representative
  • COUSINEAU, MartinĀ (Exp. 03-31-21) General Public (County Commissioner)
  • ELLENBURG, Ellen (Exp. 03-31-19) General Public (County Commissioner)
  • KELLER, Linda (Exp. 03-31-20) Occupations Having A Working Involvement w/Mental Health Services, Board Treasurer
  • MCCREE, Kyle (Exp. 03-31-20) General Public, Board Chair
  • REEVES, Angela (Exp. 03-31-19) Occupations Having a Working Involvement w/Mental Health Services
  • SHULTZ, Judy (Exp. 03-31-20) General Public